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We help people around the world realize their dreams and cheer for their beauty. As an important member of the global cosmetics industry, we are committed to providing quality, safe and up-to-date skincare products and glamorous cheer opportunities for beauty lovers.

  • Available at your fingertips– In the early days of HBB establishment, the company’s founder dreamed of bringing high-quality products that everyone could easily to buy. HBB always insists on for  “excellent quality and reasonable price”, and has been praised as the representative of “excellent efficacy and accessible at hand.

  • Positive Aggressiveness – In the United States, believing in the power of getting ahead is a vital part of the Aerican gene, both at work and life. HBB has always been adhering to this concept, and devoted to research, constantly break through the barriers of science and technology, and always maintain the leading position in the industry.

  • Trustworthy – HBB is created in line with the idea that everything used in life is “human-centered”, HBB Global Research & Development Center conducts four major comprehensive tests,  efficacy, safety, compatibility and stability on its products. Truly ensure the effective assurance of safety and quality of raw materials, technology and products.

Global-based Material Selection and Research & Development

We are constantly improve the raw materials from various countries and regions, production process, transportation, storage distribution, sales, use experience and packaging material recycling and other links.

Sharing the Green Planet

HBB always adhering to the respecting people and protecting nature,is and committed to ensuring that its products, services and production and contribute to sustainable development.


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HBB provides you with unique career opportunities, to join this beautiful career, for increase your income, build your own business, and share high-quality cosmetic and skincare products from the United States with the people around you. Join us and join in the global cause of beauty.

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