Susan Liu -With the epidemic of COVID-19 sweeping the world, the most affected restaurant owner can still make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Why the restaurant owner mostly affected during the epidemic of COVID-19 can still earn tens of thousands of dollars a month?

Above is Our Excellent Sales Director – Susan.

The most common saying I’ve heard before is that don’t put all eggs into one basket. I have two restaurants, one for foreigners and the other for Chinese. But the epidemic of COVID-19 has taught me that eggs not only can not be put in the one basket,the most important thing is to put the basket in different vegetable garden.

—–Susan Liu

I meet HBB Bansbao in last July At that time, I just wanted to help my friend and bought a set of products for trial. However, after three days, I found the effect was extremely remarkable Although I was very cautious about everything, I had been in the market for several years, so I had a certain sense of business opportunities, so I immediately contacted the company to learn the specific information of the product. BANSBAO is HBB’s functional cosmeceutical skincare product. HBB has its own manufacturing plant in the United States, with a 100,000 grade purification workshop, as well as NDC Cosmeceutical products and FDA Registration. There are U.S. laboratories tests results for content of lead, mercury and heavy metals are close to zero.The report of forty-one glucocorticoid tests was also found to be safe. BANSBAO products have14 major effects, such as quickly remove wrinkles within three minutes, tighten and lift, whiten and lighten spots, hydrate and moisturize, remove yellow, tender skin and detoxify, repair sensitive skin, shrink pores and acne marks, remove blackhead, it can also desalting stretch marks inhibit melanin and decompose melanin HBB insured with a well-known U.S. insurance company for $4 million. Therefore, I immediately contacted HBB founder, Ms. Li, and I decided to become a sales manager of the company immediately.

After that, I came into contact with other series of products of HBB, such as KeNoble and CBD Series. KeNoble also helped me lose 12 pounds easily.

Now, because of these excellent products, I have been transformed from a sales manger toe a sales director. Now I have hundreds of people in my team, nearly 40 sales managers and 2 sales directors. It only took me half a year.

Sideline became the major works, hard work became sitting and collecting money.

Now, my total income has reached double of the previous, duly doubled!