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HBB Group pursues the native production in the United States has reached GMP 10Kmedical-grade level purification workshop, and has American NDC Cosmeceutical products and FDA Registration. The American laboratory test results of the content of lead, mercury and heavy metal were close to zero and report of forty-one kinds of glucocorticoid tests were also found to be safe. HBB Group Insured by well-known American insurance companies.

Its Bansbao Series have 14 major effects, such as quick wrinkles removing within three minutes, tightening and lifting, whitening and spots fading, moisturizing, yellow removing, skin tendering and detoxification, sensitive skin repairing, pores and acne marks shrinking, blackhead removing, desalting skin sytetch marks, melanin inhibiting and decomposing.

Its CBD Series: have THC-Free, Full-spectrum Hemp Extract Nano-CBD. CBD Oral Liquid can effectively help with following inflammation as Pain, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Nausea, Arthritis, as well as Anti-aging and Skincare, etc. CBD Moisturizer Anti-age and Acne Miracle Cream can quickly remove blemishes, acne, pimples and blackheads,and help smooth outaway wrinkles for skin smoothing. CBD Anti-inflammatory and Painkiller Cream withhas a subtle herbaceous scent, and can be applied topically,perfect for post-workout soreness and chronic aches.

Its KeNoble Series can help the human body to quickly generate ketone body, burning fat to achieve the effect of fat burning and slimming.

  • Top International Equipment

  • 100,000 Grade Medical Purification Workshop

  • FDA Approved Production Authorization

The Standard of Living

Global-based Product Material Selection and Research & Development

HBB strictly controls from reliable ingredients to safety formulas. The raw materials come from countries around the world. In the area of material selectio, production, transportation, storage, distribution, sales, use experience and other links, continues improvement, strive for perfection to make HBB products more ethical value and more safety.

  • Natural Plant Extracts – HBB reviews the sustainable development profile of each single ingredient, with its team of experts assessingwhether the ingredient is natural, ethical and environmental.

  • Natural Abrasive Particles – HBB has eliminated the use of plastic microbeads in products, and replaced them with natural ingredients such as almond shell, silica, sugar, etc. for increase product safety and reduce the plastic recycling difficult environmental burden.

  • Green Raw Materials – HBB has beenve used more than 2,600 kinds of green raw materials, which have been verified by Experiments in the United Stated.

As an American cosmetic brand, we believe that when you look good and feel good about it, your potential will be fully stimulated.
The global solid backing with unlimited passion, makes everything possible. This is the charm of beauty from American.

Charm of Beauty, the Origin of Name of HBB Group

Aim: To transmit love, beauty, health, happiness and positive energy




NDC Cosmeceutical Certification

NDC (National Drug Code) is the identification symbol offor a drug as a common commodity,. which is regularly edited by the NDC System index by the US FDA, and entered the NDC number and Registration information as a program to enter the Drug Registration and Listing System RLS database. Products with NDC can be marketed as drugs in the United States.

U.S. FDA Standard

FDA stands for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is an international medical audit authority the highest law enforcement agency authorized by the U.S. Congress, or the Federal Government to regulate Food and Drug Administration. FDA-certified food, drugmedicine, cosmetics and medical devices are safe and effective for  humans. In nearly 100 countries, including the United States, only materials, devices, and technologies approved by the FDA can be commercialized for clinical use.

Report of Heavy Metals and Hormone Tests

The U.S. national Laboratory tests for lead, mercury and heavy metals are close to zero.Forty-one glucocorticoid test reports indicated that the products are safe.

Test Report for Certification

Company registered in the United States, with United States NDC Cosmeceutical products and FDA Registration. HBB owns sn U.S. native 10K grade medical purification workshop is, and insured with a well-known U.S. insurance company for $4 million.

The Factory Environment Standardizes the Production Process

The American native GMP 10K grade purification workshop.can be divided into four levels, namely, 100 grade, 1,000 grade, 10,000 grade and 100,000 grade according to the U.S. Federal Government specified standards. Grade purification workshop is a set of mandatory standards suitable for pharmaceutical, food and other industries requirements enterprises to meet the relevant national laws and regulations, and meet the hygiene quality requirements teams of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control and others.

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