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Career Opportunities in HBB Group

HBB Group helps people with ambition all over the world to realize their dreams, and supports the global health and beauty. As an important member of the global skin care industry, HBB is committed to providing up-to-date skin care products with superior quality and safety, as well as attractive career opportunities for the majority of beauty addicts.

  • Group Scale – HBB Group implements diversified business strategy, involved into real       estate, investment, plastic surgery and treatment, stem cell cosmetology a wide concept of health, cosmetics, cosmeceutical    cosmetics, beauty industry and CBD. HBB providesa full range of high-quality services, excellent safety products.

  • Group Development – HBB Group is developing at an amazing speed, among which weight loss products – KeNoble Series are especially favored by famous consortium, with large quantities of funds injected. Our goal is to own 10,000 online and offline physical stores worldwide in the next three to five years.

  • Group’s Future – HBB Group plans to complete the capital verification and be listed   in next three to five years, for this purpose, HBB engaged the most top industry consultants and the most outstanding certified public accountants to complete the top architectural pattern-level framework model and design of profit-sharing mechanism.

Operational Model of HBB Group

The operational model of HBB Group is not direct marketing and pyramid selling, but a new retail, and wholesale agent mode which relies on the public praise of products, endorsement of brand trust,  the re-purchase of loyal consumers and sharing ecomomy model .HBB will launch U.S. as a starting point to drive global markets.

  • Group Services – If you want to go from a sharer to a franchisee, co-creater and profit-sharing agent.HBB products are easy to get started quickly, and HBB has set up a business school for this purpose, HBB provides professional training on       product, sales and marketing management, as well as tailor-made growth plans for every franchisee.

  • Returns for Joining – After statistics by a professional accounting company, the income of the franchisee has been generally doubled, the profit of marketing director level can be reached more than $10,000 a month.

  • Profit Sharing – HBB Group is willing to share 90% of the profits, HBB’s products have a profit margin of 100%-300%, , and up to six times of the profit margin. Moreover, HBB also increase the income of franchisees and set up a training incentive fund to increase the income of franchisees, encourage franchisees and cultivate new elites.

Success Cases of Franchisees

 For more stories of entrepreneurs, waiting for you to challenge!

 Join Hands with HBB to create a better future together!

HBB Group has been adhering to the concept of fulfilling social responsibility. We will give back to the society with kindness and love to help more people beyond our reach, especially children and young women,to provide them with educational opportunities and other help so that they can change their lives and create their own bright future. The HBB Foundation was emerged as the times require, and has been working with local charities around the world to bring continuous help to more people.

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